Without Whom...

This is just my wee bit of my site where I'd like to acknowledge the fabulous people and companies who have inspired me and provided the services that have helped me in my quest to become a web designer.

Susan Hallam, Internet Marketing Training and Consultancy
Susan Hallam, Internet Marketing Training and Consultancy

Susan Hallam is a truly inspirational lady without whom I would probably never have even entertained the idea of editing websites using content management (I didn't even know what that was till I met her!) never mind creating them from scratch!

Patrick Griffiths, Author of HTML Dog
HTML and CSS tutorials, references, and articles

Patrick Griffiths, the genius author of HTML Dog, is a man I cannot thank enough. HTML Dog was the first book I ever bought on web design. Patrick's way of explaining everything in HTML Dog was clear and concise, it didn't involve over-complicated tech jargon, it was humorous and generally his whole approach was just spot on. I worked through HTML Dog chapter by chapter when I was working on my first ever website and to this day it remains a well-thumbed reference which is always close to hand.

sitepoint logo

sitepoint is an online media company with huge resources on many aspects of web design. As well as many, many online resources and blogs/newsletters, they also publish a huge number of books covering everything from very serious code manuals to books about Sexy Web Design and Fancy Form Design. (Those are real titles of a book by the way!) sitepoint is an all-round brilliant resource, and their site one of the first places I turn to when wanting to learn something new.

Pixelmator – Image editing for the rest of us
pixelmator logo

Pixelmator is a powerful, open source, image editor specifically designed for Mac OS X. Many people compare it to Adobe Photoshop in terms of what you can do with the software, but where pixelmator really impresses is with it's learning and support resources. They have an abundance of text tutorials, video tutorials and, most importantly, third-party tutorials; a host of graphic design experts willing to share their tips by posting detailed tutorials on how to get the best out of this image editing suite. This software is simply superb.

easyspace banner

Easyspace is the company that I use for the vast majority of my web hosting. They're a Glasgow-based company and offer excellent uptime as well as great customer service. Their hosting packages are very reasonable and they offer free basic webmail, and free domain (for the first year) when buying your hosting package.