Client Portfolio

Over the last couple of years, I've had the pleasure of working with various businesses and community groups to give them presence on the internet.

Rhapsody String Quartet

Rhapsody String Quartet's website is the first in my web design portfolio. It features a classic web design layout which sees user-friendly navigation combined with a crisp, clean colour scheme based on the quartet's existing logo design…
Read more about Rhapsody String Quartet's website design project.

Ferry Row B&B

Ferry Row B&B was a brand new business, run by a newly-retired lady who understood that the vast majority of people research and book holidays over the internet. The aim was to create a website that would be very functional, in terms of giving information about the rooms, the food, directions and information about the local area …
Read more about Ferry Row B&B's website design project.

Fairlie Fairtrade Initiative

Following the website I created for Ferry Row B&B, I was invited to design a website for the village's Fairtrade Initiative group. The group wanted a website to promote and record the Fairtrade activities within the village, and also to create a directory of businesses that support Fairtrade in the local area…
Read more about Fairlie Fairtrade Village's website design project.

Ayrshire Music Festival

The Ayrshire Music Festival's committee were keen to establish an online presence, both to promote the festival and to provide an easily accessible information hub for tutors, competitors and parents/guardians…
Read more about the Ayrshire Music Festival's website design project.