About Cat


I'm Cat. As well as web design, I have two other jobs. I work full-time in the world of arts marketing and find that my marketing knowledge comes in handy when working on websites. I also own, manage and musically direct Rhapsody String Quartet, so I guess you could say I'm somewhat of an artistically driven entrepreneur. This page is here to tell you how a classically trained violinist who works in marketing took a side-step into this web design malarkey in the first place!

Whilst on a marketing course in Wales I had the pleasure of meeting Susan Hallam – an inspirational internet marketing consultant – whose lecture on e-marketing opened my eyes to the possibilities of looking after your own website. On returning from the course I read up a little more on how to alter my site (or to use the jargon, "content management"), bought Adobe's Contribute software and started tinkering with my string quartet's existing site.

I thought content management was the best thing since sliced bread – now I had the tools to make the changes to my quartet's site that I had wanted to make for ages. I was also ridiculously excited that little me – the girl who had previously been terrified of computers at school because she just didn't understand them – could type some letters and symbols into my laptop, press a few buttons and actually update the internet!

And that was it really, I had the internet bug – I wanted to do more than just content management – I wanted to create new pages; I wanted to change the look of my site completely! So I took the next logical step and got myself a copy of Adobe Dreamweaver, along with a few books on xhtml and css – the coded languages with which websites can be built. I also joined some web-design forums, did a lot of reading online and over the course of a few months, taught myself how to design websites!

I did start out with the intention of only ever looking after my quartet's site. But then my Auntie started up a B&B and asked me to create a website for her. So I agreed. I thought it would be fun to do, and a nice way of helping my Auntie get her new business off the ground. And so my second website was created. Soon after that, her village's Fairtrade community group, having seen my work on her B&B site, asked me to create a site for their Fairtrade Initiative Group.

Then word spread. Quite quickly I found myself with requests to design sites for friends, and friends of friends, and now, a couple of years on, here I am with another fully fledged business on my hands!

So that's the story of Mackay Web Design's journey in a nutshell. Click to find out how I can help you get your small business online.