Working with you to create your website

As a small business, it's easy to be intimidated by the highly corporate big-bucks side of the wibbly wobbly web. Large international web design companies will convince you that to succeed online you need to spend thousands and thousands of pounds. Then there are the companies who offer affordable websites, who basically put your logo into an existing template and don't give the flexibility to put your own stamp on your website. So it's no wonder that so many small businesses think the world wide web is a scary place. But Mackay Web Design is here to explode that myth.

The internet is accessible to you... Yes, you and your business!


Little fish in big ponds

Mackay Web Design knows how small businesses work because we are one ourselves. And when I say "we", I really mean me, myself and I! That's the other thing about "us"... We're honest. There's just me to this web design business. Cat Mackay. I'm a sole trader based in Glasgow and I design websites in my spare time in addition to my other two jobs. But don't run away on hearing that information, because when I tell you that my full-time job is in marketing, and that the other is running my other small business (a string quartet) then you'll realise that not only am I an extremely organised and efficient person (I couldn't do three jobs successfully if I wasn't!) but also that I'm on your level, and as a fellow small business owner, I understand your needs better than anyone else!

Want to know more?

Take a look around the site to find out more about Mackay Web Design, and how we could work together to get your business online! And if you have any questions, or would like a quote – simply !